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Dr Shahzadi is my personal dentist. I have worked side by side with him on the other side of the globe, providing free dental care for those who need it the most. He is an all star dentist and all-around great person. I highly recommend him to everyone for dental care. You will be happy with his work. I am a dentist and I go to him for my dental care.

-Torin Chenard, DDS

My wife and I were referred to Dr. Shahzadi by one of her co-workers when we moved to the area two years ago. I knew it would be a tough transition for me because the only dentist I’d ever been to was my uncle–don’t worry, he’s actually a dentist… not some wacko relative that thinks he knows about teeth.

Anyway, after twenty-something years of having my teeth cleaned and examined by just one guy, I was hesitant to change. Granted, Dr. Shahzadi came highly recommended from people my wife trusted–we made appointments on the same day at the same time… out of love and support… not out of my fear that any new dentist might jab a scraper through my face. Seriously.

I was instantly put at ease. The front desk attendant was welcoming and friendly, the dental assistants working in the office were kind and took great care of the two of us. When it came time for the doctor to perform the actual dental exam, he answered all my questions, spoke in a soothing tone and acted genuinely happy to see us. I got the sense that he truly cares about his patients. And after multiple visits back (you need to go every six months, people) I am confident he’ll take great care of my wife and I as long as we’re in the area. Sorry, Unc–you did a great job–and I love ya… but the torch has been passed.

Do yourself a favor and check out Dr. Shahzadi if you’re looking for a dentist in the Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, or Laguna Niguel area.

– Matthew J

I very rarely write reviews here mostly because I’m lazy.  So you should know that any review I write must be inspired by a truly memorable experience!

I live nowhere near this dental office, however I went for the first time back in November because my favorite co-worker recommended Dr. Shahzadi & Dr. Diaz.  I’ve had a total of 4 visits so far, and I was impressed with each visit.  I don’t remember the names of the staff members, however all of my dental work was done by Dr. Shahzadi.

Overall likes:
-office was clean
-staff and dentist were all very professional and friendly
-they’re prompt! as long as you’re on time for your appt., there is no waiting around
-they will work with you for payment options
-each visit took about an hour (or sometimes less). very efficient!
-office is open Monday-Friday after work hours, so I was able to schedule my visits around my work schedule. never had to use up a lunch break or take time off.
-before injecting the novocaine, Dr. Shahzadi would tell me to close my eyes. what a difference that makes!  I used to be terrified of needles as a child and I’m pretty sure it was because of seeing that needle up-close at my old dentist…

1st visit: cleaning and check-up, including x-rays
everything went smoothly and it seemed like they have up-to-date equipment.

2nd visit: first 2 fillings
my first time getting fillings in over 10 years, so I was a little nervous. it went smoothly and I didn’t have any tooth sensitivity afterwards whatsoever.

3rd visit: 3 fillings
everything went well!

4th visit: 4 fillings
they had actually planned one more appt. after this, however Dr. Shahzadi is awesome and was able to finish that last filling in this visit!  saved me the drive.  I think this visit took a bit over an hour, but it was definitely worth not having to come back again.

Unfortunately, I needed 9 fillings (YIKES.. that’s what happens when you don’t visit the dentist for 6-7 years!) but now I’m all done and won’t need to come back until my regular cleaning and check up yayyy!  I’m very happy with my experience at this dental office 🙂

– Jamie Y.

After a horrible experience dealing with fake invisalign (I don’t mean invisalign is fake rather the doctor that sold it to me wasn’t selling me the real deal!) it was a breath of fresh air to deal with Dr. Shahzadi who helped to actually correct my teeth. Dr. Shahzadi and Dr. Wilson were very attentive and the treatement I received from them was excellent. The office staff was great about setting up all of my appointments. I was coming in almost every month for a check up. Goes to show they care about your progress and stay on top of it! I was referred here by a friend and now I am here to refer them to you!

– Kay A.

Dr. Lourdes Diaz of Aliso Niguel Dental is the best dentist I have ever had. She takes care of my entire family. She takes pride in what she does with the highest level of care and honesty. If you want the best dentist in the field of general dentistry, ortho and dental implants, Dr Diaz is the dentist of choice!

– Bryan M.

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